Healthcare industry deals with health improvement of patients by providing them with preventive, curative, and therapeutic assistance. This industry has seen a drastic growth in recent years which will inevitably continue to grow in the future. To flourish vehemently, the entire structure needs several drivers like technical innovations, accreditations, medicine updates, healthcare quality management software systems, data management systems, and patient-centered reforms. After considering the current scenario, sustainable growth can be achieved with quality healthcare for patients, safe work environment for staff, and when cost is kept under control. To manage the above mentioned parameters, adoption of latest technologies is a must. Implementing a healthcare quality management system also helps in improving operational efficiency, patient care and risk mitigation. For example – from various researches it’s found that electronic medical record audit systems can reduce hospital expenses by one third. Similarly, incorporating more IT software explicitly, healthcare management can safeguard financial structure and upgrade the service quality for patients. Let’s check other benefits:

Streamlined Workflows:

MedQPro, an unique HQMS product which helps in complete automation of hospital audits Through a single integrated platform, the solution manages all the steps, from audit planning, preparation, scheduling, development of audit plans and checklists, to execution, observations, reports and monitoring. It helps hospital to schedule internal quality audits to ensure that they are always compliant with NABH & JCI Standards

Reduced Human Errors:

The adoption of electronic medical records makes medical procedures, prescriptions, and therapies more readable. Moreover, electronically saved medical information enables proactive validations of medical data, such as allergies versus pharmacological relationships and interactions of different drugs, tests, and diagnosis.

HQMS Mobile APP:

Hospital quality management software allows you to conduct all audits on the go. Conducting various audits in hospital becomes very easy when you have everything in a mobile app.  No to carry paper and Accreditation standard guides with you to conduct audits in your hospital. Through “MedQPro” App, you can conduct all types’ compliance audits such as Quality Assurance Audit, Hospital Safety Audit, Hand washing Audit, Infection control surveillance audit, Open Medical Record Audit, Prescription audit, IPSG Audit, Hazmat Audit and many more.

Moreover the software and mobile app can be customized as per your hospital needs and comes with affordable subscription models also.

So, are you ready to set up healthcare quality software for your hospital? If you want to emphasize on patient care, then adopt our software and take assistance from our consultancy for the best result.

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