Infection Control Compliance Management and control audit helps establish the baseline for the IPC system and creates an improvement plan.

Using an external audit provider assure creditability and independence about the finding during an audit. MedQPro’s Infection Control Audit Software is a cost-effective and user-friendly auditing solution for healthcare institutions, encompassing applicable regulations and best practices for infection control and prevention. The Infection control management module is intended to assist hospitals in managing all infection control processes following NABH and JCI standards. The system controls all auditing phases, including the auditing process, preparation, scheduling, and production of audit plans and procedures, as well as execution, observations, reporting, and tracking, via a single unified platform.

Using next-generation digital technology and point-of-care accessibility, the Infection Control Compliance Management assists infection control teams in decreasing the risk of infections to patients, visitors, and employees.

Reasons to Choose Infection Control Audit Software:

  1. Using external audits ensures independent audits, assuring the creditability of the finding.
  2. During audits, our auditors help recognize the high-risk areas with NABH and JCI infection prevention and control standards. MedQPro alerts about the pertinent risks in other areas.
  3. MedQPro audit helps to determine if the infection control practices and policies are according to best infection control practices and up-to-date legislation and standards. We also determine if they are being implemented in everyday practice or not.
  4. During the external audit, Infection Control Compliance Management knowledge and education will be transferred to your staff. We also brief about other extensive learning to the Management at the end of the day.
  5. Quality and Safety specialists at MedQPro are trained to understand the National Standards and Regulations requirement. The vast experience in Infection Control audit and quality improvement implementations helps them to identify the areas that require improvement.
  6. We provide thorough reports of the areas that require improvement and good practice areas after the audit. The reports also include QIPs to help you achieve regulatory compliance.
  7. Identify infection prevention and control baseline and implement the standard QIPs to shift in the right direction to achieve regulatory compliance.
  8. A set of QIPs and audits for Infection Control Compliance Management according to industry standards and regulatory requirements assures that you are practicing the best Infection control management and measure and are ready for every possible infectious disease or outbreak of COVID-19.
  9. Implement QIPs quality improvement and improve the quality of general care and delivery of care benefits for residents.

Benefits of Infection Control Management

  • Decreased turnaround time for infection control audits and streamlined interactions within the team
  • Instant Audit findings report to the auditee and Management
  • Less duplication of effort owing to audit’s automated procedures.
  • Audit tool tips for infection control nurses in real time, no chance of missing of any audit parameters
  • Help hospitals to manage all the process of infection control practices as per NABH and JCI standards.
  • “Go Mobile” features make audit process less tedious and make audit process simple and faster.
  • Pre-defined Infection control audit checklist available in mobile version compliant with NABH and JCI measurable elements.


Since the Infection Control audit Software is accessible on your Android tablet, iPads, and other smart devices, it allows you to perform facility-wide audits while on the go.

MedQPro has years of experience in safety, regulatory compliance, and quality improvement. We’ve helped industries to help improve the quality and care services for patients by offering high-quality Infection Control audit Software. Let your hospital run with the smart range of Infection control audit software that comes with many features and meet the global hospital standards. As this Infection control audit software from MedQPro run with all type devices, then it’s easy to access anywhere and anytime. Call to +91 9777991216 or visit our website for more details.