National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH) is a board of the Quality Council of India, that has been set up to establish and operate accreditation programmes for healthcare organisations.  When a hospital has NABH accreditation, it means that it provides quality healthcare as per global standards and that it gives its patients a positive experience. Any hospital receiving NABH accreditation has to constantly and consistently improve their standard of healthcare services and patient care.

Benefits of Accreditation for Your Hospital:

NABH accreditation for hospitals takes years to achieve and is an on-going process which results in the hospital becoming up-to-date with the use of the latest medical equipment, and hospital management software.

With improved healthcare services, there would be lesser or no patient complaints and that would make the hospital highly preferred among patients.

Let us look at some of the benefits of NABH accreditation for your hospital:

  • Patients benefit the most

With NABH accreditation and implementation of its standards at your hospital, it results in efficient services and quality care for patients.  NABH emphasizes on better patient satisfaction scores that results in good clinical outcomes.

When the hospital achieves higher patient satisfaction scores, it entails profit for all the stakeholders and employees of the hospital. It naturally pushes them to put in more effort, and acquire the latest technology to raise the bar for better patient care.

  • Provides a sense of trust in the community

With improved patient satisfaction and better productivity among staff, NABH Accreditation helps increase community confidence in the services provided by credentialed medical staff at the hospital.

  • Improved working environments for staff

The staff of NABH Accredited hospitals receive practical learning, regular updates and skill development that is at par with their counterparts in international hospitals. The staff of NABH accredited hospitals benefit from a good working environment with advanced clinical process knowledge.

  • Hospitals get a marketing advantage

The hospital that gets NABH accreditation gets a boost in medical tourism as it increases its reputation and makes it stand out among other hospitals. With NABH accreditation comes increase in confidence among patients about the quality of services and healthcare facilities offered by your hospital and helps increase medical tourism at your hospital.

  • NABH Accreditation mandatory by IRDA for insurance and third-party services

The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDA) has now asked all the hospitals empanelled with it for providing treatment under Cashless Insurance Schemes (CIS) to enroll under NABH. NABH accreditation ensures fair billing process and quality treatment in hospitals as it clamps down on inflated bills and irregularities.

Requirements for NABH Accreditation

The healthcare organizations that fulfill the following requirements:

  • Healthcare organisations having more than 50 sanctioned beds. Those hospitals below 50 sanctioned beds come under SHCO standards.
  • The hospital must comply with NABH standards and applicable regulatory requirements.
  • The entire hospital must comply with the regulations and not just a specific service within it.

How to apply for accreditation?
Any aspiring hospitals wanting NABH accreditation can apply online and get assistance for the NABH certification with Mediance Consultancy. Explore our website: or call professional NABH Accreditation consultants at: +91 97779-91216.


NABH accreditation is a feather in the cap for any healthcare organisation and shows the level of its competency. You can acquire NABH accreditation for your hospital with the help of a professional NABH consultancy today.